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Configure Azure AD SSO for the Mimecast Personal Portal

How to configure Mimecast Personal Portal SAML Single Sign On (SSO) using Azure Active Directory as an identity provider 

Before you begin

Mimecast account code

You'll need your Mimecast account code to create an Azure AD App Registration for Mimecast

Account menu - Account and Support Details

Copy the account code

Mimecast region URL

You'll need the Mimecast regional URL for the Azure App registration SAML configuration. You can get a list of Mimecast regional URLs from this website.

Azure AD SSO integration with Mimecast

Region Value
Europe https://eu-api.mimecast.com/sso/ACCOUNT-CODE
United Stateshttps://us-api.mimecast.com/sso/ACCOUNT-CODE
South Africahttps://za-api.mimecast.com/sso/ACCOUNT-CODE

Azure AD App Registration for Mimecast

Create an Azure AD App registration for the Mimecast Personal Portal

Sign into the Azure Portal

Azure Active Directory - Enterprise Applications - New Application

Select Mimecast Personal Portal
Change the App registration name (optional)

Mimecast Personal Portal - Properties

Enabled for users to sign-in: Yes
Assignment required: No

Visible to users: No 

Mimecast Personal Portal - Single sign-on

Select SAML

Basic SAML Configuration - Edit 

Add identifier

Add reply URL

Sign-on URL


Mimecast Personal Portal - Single sign-on

SAML Certificates

Update the notification email
Copy the App Federation Metadata Url

Mimecast Authentication Profile

Logon to the Mimecast admin portal

Administration - Services - Applications
Authentication profiles - New Authentication profile

Description: Azure AD SSO

Tick Enforce SAML Authentication for Mimecast Personal Portal

Provider: Azure Active Directory
Paste the Metadata URL
Metadata URL - click Import
Tick Monitor Metadata URL

Tick Allow Single Sign On
Untick Use Password Protected Context
Untick Use Integrated Authentication Context

Test SSO by signing into the Mimecast personal portal using Azure AD account

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