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Download UniFi switch firmware and update manually using SSH

How to download the latest UniFi switch firmware and upgrade manually using SSH and CLI commands 

Upgrade UniFi switch firmware manually using SSH

You might want to upgrade UniFi switch firmware manually using SSH before adopting it, or if updating firmware using the Unifi controller fails.

Download UniFi switch firmware

Download the latest firmware file from the UniFi website
In this example, we are upgrading the firmware on a US-8-150W switch.

Ubiquiti - Downloads

US-8-150W - Firmware - Download

Download file

Copy firmware .bin file to the switch

Connect to the switch using WinSCP on port 22

Transfer the firmware file to the switch /tmp folder

SSH onto the switch using Putty

Check switch information

Check the switch model and current firmware version


Upgrade switch firmware using CLI 

# change into the tmp folder
cd /tmp

# rename the old firmware update file to fwupdate.bin.old
mv fwupdate.bin fwupdate.bin.old
# rename new firmware file to fwupdate.bin
mv US.bcm5334x_5.76.7+13442.211117.0720.bin fwupdate.bin 
# update the firmware
syswrapper.sh upgrade2 & 

The fwupdate.bin and fwupdate.bin.old files will get automatically removed from /tmp

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