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Allow external guests to join Teams meetings without a Microsoft account

How to configureTeams admin settings to allow external guests to join Teams meetings without a Microsoft work or school account.

Microsoft Teams meeting security settings

The most secure setting for Teams is to not allow external people or anonymous users to join meetings. But, this doesn't really work if you want to collaborate with people who don't already use Office 365.

In some cases, you'll want to schedule meetings and calls with external people who don't have a Microsoft work or school account.

If you're not signed in to a Teams (work or school) account, sign in and try joining again.

External users will get this message if you have turned off "Anonymous users can join a meeting" in the Teams admin settings

If you're not signed in to a Teams (work or school) account, sign in and try joining again.

Microsoft Teams Secure score

If you've been reviewing your Office 365 secure score rating and implementing the recommended actions for, you might have changed some of these settings for Teams.

Microsoft Secure Score settings for Teams

You might want to not implement this and instead configure Teams to allow everyone to present, which is better for collaboration

  • Configure which users are allowed to present in Teams meetings

These other Secure score recommended actions for Teams should all be implemented:

  • Turn on Microsoft Defender for Office 365 in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams
  • Only invited users should be automatically admitted to Teams meetings
  • Restrict anonymous users from starting Teams meetings
  • Limit external participants from having control in a Teams meeting

Teams admin settings to allow external guests to join meetings

The following settings will allow external users to join Teams meetings without signing into a Microsoft account, but they will need to wait in the lobby and be admitted by the meeting organizer.

1. Open the Teams admin center

Microsoft Teams admin center

2. Meeting settings

Meetings - Meeting settings

Anonymous users can join a meeting: On

3. Meeting policies

Meetings - Meeting policies

Global (Org-wide default) policy

Meeting join & lobby

Anonymous users can join a meeting: On
Who can bypass the lobby: People who were invited

Content sharing

Who can present: Everyone

Join Teams meetings online as a guest

To join a Teams meeting online without a Microsoft account, external users will need to open the Teams invite using a web browser and join the meeting as a guest.


Manage anonymous participant access to Teams meetings (IT admins)

External participants receive "Sign in to Teams to join, or contact the meeting organizer"

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