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Create an Azure AD dynamic group for Windows 11 devices

How to create an Azure AD dynamic device group for specific laptop model running Windows 11

What is an Azure AD dynamic group and why would you use one?

Azure AD dynamic groups use a rule set to automatically assign members based on attributes.

In this example, we are creating a dynamic group for Windows 11 Surface devices that we can use to target policy and configuration settings to Surface Pros and Surface laptops running Windows 11.

This will allow us to rollout Windows 11 configuration policies and have them only apply to these specific devices and not the rest of our Windows 10 computers. 

Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions

Windows 10 and 11 OS version numbers

Windows 10 version numbers start with 10.0.1
Windows 11 version numbers start with 10.0.2

Find Windows OS version using command line

systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"OS"

Example: Windows 11 OS version number

Create Azure AD dynamic device group

Logon to the Azure Portal

Azure AD - Groups - New Group

Group type: Security
Group name: Windows 11 - Surface Devices
Membership type: Dynamic Device

Add dynamic query

Dynamic membership rules - device properties

Here is a quick list of device properties you might find useful when creating dynamic group membership rules

Property Operator Example Value Notes
deviceModel Contains Surface
deviceOSVersionStarts With10.0.2Windows 11
deviceOSVersionStarts With10.0.1Windows 10
deviceOwnershipEqualsCompanyCorporate owned

Example: Dynamic membership rules for Windows 11, Surface devices

Click add expression to configure the following rules, then save and create the dynamic group

Contains: Surface

contains: Windows

Starts With: 10.0.2

# Rule syntax
(device.deviceModel -contains "Surface") and (device.deviceOSType -contains "Windows") and (device.deviceOSVersion -startsWith "10.0.2") 

Example: Dynamic membership rules for Windows 10, corporate devices

# Rule syntax
(device.deviceOSType -contains "Windows") and (device.deviceOSVersion -startsWith "10.0.1") and (device.deviceOwnership -eq "Company") 

Check dynamic group membership

Select the dynamic device group - members to see the laptops that have been automatically added to the group.


Dynamic membership rules for groups in Azure Active Directory

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