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Install and configure OPNsense firewall

Step by step guides for IT admins for installing and configuring OPNsense firewall

Install OPNsense firewall from USB for your Home Lab (setup guide)
How to install OPNsense firewall from USB for your Home Lab. Setup guide for installing and configuring OPNsense: Assign WAN and LAN interfaces, configure interface IP addresses, set timezone and change the root password

Turn off the system beep in OPNsense
How to turn off the startup and shutdown beep sounds in OPNsense

Automatically Install OPNsense updates
How to configure OPNsense automatic firmware updates

OPNsense NAT port forward rules with NAT reflection (Loopback/Hairpin)
How to configure OPNsense firewall NAT port forward rules with NAT reflection (Loopback/Hairpinning) for web servers

Set up NAT Port Forwarding with Outbound NAT in OPNsense
How to set up NAT port forwarding with outbound NAT in OPNsense. Including an outbound NAT example using a Virtual WAN IP.

Set up MaxMind GeoIP Blocking in OPNsense
How to configure MaxMind GeoIP to block countries in OPNsense. Including troubleshooting steps for what to do if OPNsense GeoIP blocking is not working.

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