Configure SSL for an Azure Web App using an App Managed Certificate


How to get a free Azure App Managed certificate to secure your website using HTTPS. Create DNS CAA record, create an App Managed Certificate, update website bindings and enable HTTPS. 

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Install Nginx Web Server, Lets Encrypt, MariaDB and PHP on Debian 11


A series of step-by-step guides for installing Nginx web Server, MariaDB and PHP on Debian 11. And using Certbot to get a free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt.

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Get a free SSL Certificate for your Lab Environment


Sometimes it is useful to have an SSL certificate for testing servers in a lab environment. This guide will show you how to get a free SSL certificate for your lab using Zero SSL.

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Get an SSL Labs A+ Rating for your Nginx Website


How to get an SSL Labs A+ rating for your Nginx website on Debian 11

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