Install and configure Kali Linux 2021 on Hyper-V


How to create a Hyper-V Virtual Machine using PowerShell and install Kali Linux 2021 using text mode. Configure Kali with a static IP address, install updates and configure two-factor authentication (2FA) for SSH

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Install Linux Integration Services and Hyper-V Daemons on Debian


How to install Linux Integration Services and Hyper-V daemons on Debian Linux, verify that virtual device drivers are loaded, and Hyper-V services are running. 

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Create a Debian Linux Virtual Machine using Hyper-V


How to create a generation 2 Linux virtual machine on Hyper-V, assign memory, connect virtual switch and virtual hard disk. Then edit the VM settings, attach the ISO image file and install Debian.

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Convert VMware OVA and VMDK to Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk VHDX using free StarWind V2V Converter


How to convert VMware OVA and VMDK files to Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk VHDX format using the free StarWind V2V Converter. Extract VMDK from OVA file using 7-Zip and convert to VHDX using StarWind V2V Converter.

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