Google Core Web Vitals: Eliminate render-blocking resources and reduce unused CSS in Joomla 4


Improve your Joomla 4 website Google Core Web Vitals score using a plugin to eliminate render-blocking resources and reduce unused CSS. 

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Configure fail2ban custom filter and jail to block Joomla brute force login attacks


How to create a custom fail2ban filter and jail to prevent login attempts against the Joomla Administrator back-end website

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Install Joomla 4 on Nginx Web Server


How to install Joomla 4 on Nginx web server. Create MariaDB database for website. Configure Nginx HTTPS server block for Joomla. Install PHP extensions and configure PHP settings for Joomla.

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Configure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in Joomla 4


How to enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) plugins in Joomla 4. Change global confguration settings to enforce MFA for Administrators and automatically enroll new users.

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Backup your Joomla 4 website to Google Drive using Akeeba Backup


How to backup your Joomla 4 website to Google Drive using Akeeba Backup. Install Akeeba Backup and configure post processing to upload website backups to Google Drive.

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Check and enable Gzip text compression in Joomla 4


How to test website speed and check if Gzip compression is being used. Then enable Gzip in Joomla 4 global configuration and Nginx web server.

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SOLVED: Override(s) to check notification warning on Joomla 4 dashboard


How to fix Joomla 4 "Override(s) to check" notification warning after Joomla update by marking template overrides as checked

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Change how often Joomla sends "Joomla update available for Website" emails


This guide will show you how to change Joomla update notifications from every 6 hours to 24 hours to reduce the number of notification emails you get.

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Reset a Lost Joomla Admin Password


If you have lost your Joomla Super Administrator password and can't logon to your site, you have three options to try and recover or reset the account password.

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