Getting Started with Azure Conditional Access Policies


Azure Active Directory Conditional Access Policies allow you to apply access controls to applications and services. Conditional access policies can be used to apply restrictions to users, devices and applications based on a set of policy conditions.

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Conditional Access Policy Exclusions


You should always add exclusions to conditional access policies to ensure that a misconfigured policy doesn't accidentally lock you out of your own Azure tenant.

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Conditional Access Policy - Require MFA for Administrators


This Azure Conditional Access policy enforces MFA for certain Administrator roles

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Conditional Access Policy - Require MFA for All Users


This conditional access policy will enforce MFA for all users when accessing Office 365 apps

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Conditional Access Policy - Block Legacy Authentication


Legacy protocols like POP, SMTP and IMAP don't support MFA and can be used to password spray attack your Office 365 mailboxes. You can disable legacy authentication and improve your Office 365 security using this Azure Conditional Access policy.

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Testing and Troubleshooting Conditional Access Policies


How to test conditional access policies using report-only mode, monitor conditional access results using sign-in logs and how to troubleshoot policies using the what-if tool

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