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Add a custom domain to an Azure Web App

How to add a custom domain to an Azure Web App, so your website uses your own domain name instead of the generic name app.azurewebsites.net 

Add a custom domain

App Service
Custom domains - Add custom domain
Enter your domain name - Validate

Create external DNS records 

You will need to create a CNAME record for www.planetexpress.live pointing to www-planetexpress-app.azurewebsites.net and add a DNS TXT record to prove you own the domain.

Copy the custom domain verification ID and CNAME

Create DNS CNAME record

Create DNS TXT record to verify domain ownership

Copy the TXT host value asuid.www

Create DNS TXT record

Wait for the DNS changes to propagate (this could take 20-30 mins) then click Validate (1)

DNS records created successfully (2)

Once the DNS records have updated you can click Add custom domain (3)

Browse to the website using the new domain www.planetexpress.live

When finished, your DNS records should look something like this:
An A record for the Azure Web App IP address
TXT records to verify domain ownership for asuid and asuid.www
CNAME record for www pointing to www-planetexpress-app.azurewebsites.net

In the next guide we will use Let's Encrypt to get an SSL certificate for our website.

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