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Nginx Rewrite Rule - 301 Redirect One Page to Another URL

How to create a 301 permanent redirect for one page to another URL using the Nginx return directive 

Example: Nginx 301 Redirect one page to another URL

Old page https://youdomain.com/categories/azure/disable-welcome-to-acrobat-reader-message-using-registry
New page https://yourdomain.com/categories/guides/disable-welcome-to-acrobat-reader-message-using-registry

In this example, the redirect location is inside the server https block

location = /categories/azure/disable-welcome-to-acrobat-reader-message-using-registry {
  return 301 /categories/guides/disable-welcome-to-acrobat-reader-message-using-registry;

For redirecting a path for multiple URLs, see this guide:

Nginx Rewrite Rule - 301 Redirect to Another Path for Multiple URLs

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