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Remove Teams chat icon from Windows 11 Taskbar using Endpoint Manager (Intune)

How to remove the Teams app chat icon from Windows 11 taskbar using a Microsoft Endpoint Manager configuration profile 

Windows 11 Teams app chat icon

In Windows 11, the Teams chat icon is automatically pinned to the Taskbar

If you click on the chat icon, it opens the personal version of Teams

Create Endpoint Manager configuration profile

Create an Endpoint Manager configuration profile for Taskbar settings

Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

Devices - Windows devices - Configuration profiles
Create profile

Platform: Windows 10
Profile type: Settings catalog


Name: Windows 11 Taskbar Settings

Cilck Next

Configuration settings

Add settings 

Settings picker

Search for chat, then select the Experience category
Tick Configure Chat icon

Close the Settings picker

Configuration settings

Configure Chat icon: Disabled

Click Next

Scope tags

Click Next 


Add groups

Search for and select: Windows 11 - Surface Devices (Dyanmic device group)

Review & create

Click Create

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Saturday, 23 September 2023
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