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Configure Plus Addressing (Sieve Sub Addressing) in Mimecast

How to configure Plus Addressing in Mimecast. Create a Sieve Sub Address Gateway Policy for emails sent to a domain. 

What is Plus Addressing (Sieve Sub Addressing)

Plus addressing or Sieve Sub Addressing lets you add an extension to your email address using either a plus or dash delimiter

Examples of Plus Addresses



Why use Plus Addressing

Plus Addressing lets you create temporary disposable email addresses. You can use these to sign up for newsletters or register with online services.

Having a unique email address for each website can help you track and filter the emails. And if you get spam from that address, you can block it.

Configure Plus addressing (Sieve Sub Addressing) in Mimecast

Configure Plus addressing for emails to a domain

Gateway - Policies - Sieve Sub Address

New Policy

Policy Narrative: Plus Addressing for yourdomain.com
Select option: Enable + delimiter recognition

Addresses Based On: The Return Address
Applies From: Everyone
Specifically: Applies to all Senders

Applies to: Email Domain
Specifically: yourdomain.com

Policy Enabled


Email Security Cloud Gateway - Sieve Sub Address Policy - Configurations

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